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Marble Statue of Hanumanji 18"

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Height18" (46 CMS)
Width09" (23 CMS)
Depth04" (10 CMS)
Weight13 KGs
MaterialWhite Marble

$ 276.93

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This Hanumanji with Mountain has been carved from a single block of white marble. The Idol of Hanumanji has been adorned with beautiful colours to give him real life look.

We can also customise the size and design of the Idol of Hanumanji as per your requirement.

Data sheet
Height18" (46 CMS)
Width09" (23 CMS)
Depth04" (10 CMS)
Weight13 KGs
MaterialWhite Marble
Care Instructions

Wood Articles are easy to take care of as they just need some annual upkeep to keep them looking as they did when they were first carved. Moisture causes cracks in the sculpture as the wood contracts and expands in different temperatures. Our wood has little to no moisture in it assuring that the sculpture is not going to crack in its journey into different climates. Here are some simple tips to keep your statue in good condition:

How do I keep my temple clean ?

It is very easy to maintain the wooden temple purchased from Coral Crafts. Our wooden temples do not require any special cleaning.

You only need to dust the temple to make sure that no dirt builds up. Regular use of dusting with clean cotton cloth is recommended for long durability of the temple.

How do I remove scratches from the temple?

The use of Paste Wax is recommended to avoid any minor scratches. The use of wax will fill in the scratch grooves and make them disappear.

Home Made Remedy for Scratches:

1) Use black tea to disguise scratches.

Do not use herbal or green tea; the black tea produces the color you want to match the wood.

Place the tea bag in a cup and pour 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of hot water over it.

Let it steep for at least 2 minutes. If your wood is very dark, use a black tea bag that has been steeped for at least 3 minutes. The longer the bag is steeped, the darker the color.

Dip a cotton swab into the tea and dab it on the scratch.

Use a paper towel to immediately wipe away any tea that gets on the surrounding wood so that it doesn’t get stained.

2) For Darker Wood Finish apply Coffee Paste:

Add coffee granules to a small bowl and mix it with hot water to make a thick paste.

Using a tissue paper or cotton cloth, rub the paste into the scratch, taking care not to get the paste on the surrounding wood. 

International Shipping

There are three modes of shipments available.

01. Door Delivery by Air

02. Airport Delivery

03. Port Delivery by Sea

1. Door Delivery by Air


GMB Sculpture prefers to use one of the leading courier companies namely, DHL Express, UPS or FedEx depending upon the country specific service availability. We will recommend you the best delivery courier company depending upon their expertise.

The air way shipment is recommended for smaller consignments as your order will be delivered to your door steps and you do not require follow any formal import proceedings. The approx delivery time for air way shipments are around 7 – 12 working days depending upon the country. There will not be any additional charges payable except Import Duty.

2. Airport Delivery

Airport Delivery

You can also opt for airport delivery. Your order will be delivered to the nearest airport. The airport delivery is comparatively cheaper to door delivery by Air. 

The approx delivery time for air way shipments are around 12 – 15 working days depending upon the country. There will be additional charges payable in the form of airport charges, custom clearance charged and import duty if it is charged by the customs. The additional charges will be payable at the destination.

3. Port Delivery by Sea

Sea Way

The sea ways shipment is, generally, recommended for large shipments as it is very cost effective for the heavy shipment as compared to air way shipments. It takes around 30 – 45 days for delivery depending upon the country.

There will be additional destination port charges, custom clearance charges and import duty payable at the destination port.

For any further details on shipping, please follow the link given below,


You can also contact us on help.gmb@gmail.com for any assistance you may require.


GMB Sculptures accept Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Western Union/Money Gram and Bank Check as secure payment methods.

1. Credit/Debit Cards

We accept all international VISA and Master Cards

2. Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer

You can use our following details to do Wire Transfer.

Bank Name : Bank of Baroda
Account Name : Gita Murti Bhandar
Account Number : 12410200000619
Type of Account : Current
Branch : Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad

3. Banker’s Check:

The check should be drawn on “Gita Murti Bhandar” can be posted at the address given below,

M/s Gita Murti Bhardar
48, Super Mall,
Nr Lal Bunglow,
C G Road,
Ahmedabad – 380 006, India.

Please mention your full name with address, email Id and contact number on the back of envelop.

4. PayPal


We also accept the PayPal. However, additional 5 % will be charged on the total cost of item and shipping charges. You can use our PayPal Id gmb.ritu@gmail.com to send the funds.

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