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Exclusive Idol of Krishna from Marble 30"

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Exclusive Idol of Krishna from Black Marble

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Idol of Lord Balaji from Black Marble

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Beautiful Statue of Lord Krishna 30"

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Life Size Buddha Statue from Marble 50"

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Seated Hanumanji Statue from Marble 15"

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Goddess Laxmi Statue 12"

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Marble Statue of Laxman 18"

$ 169.24

Marble God Idols

When you choose which god idol you would love to have in your home there are some factors that need to be considered. Quality is of the utmost importance and that whoever you decide to buy from have the craftsman that will ensure that you will get an aesthetic marble statue that will look exceptionally beautiful in your home temple.

With that, you need to consider the colors that they are painted and that the features are sharp and polished to show a lovely finish.

Cleaning the Marble Idols

Even though marble is quite resilient it like all materials do require maintenance from time to time. If it is not cleaned on a regular basis then the polished finish will suffer and the marble god idol will deteriorate to a state that it will not look good in your home temple.

A person needs to be care full when it comes to cleaning the statues because if you use the wrong cleaning materials then the marble surface will become dull and lose their beautiful sparkling colors. You do not require to clear the marble idols with any cleaning chemical. Just dust it with clean cotton cloth to remove the dust.

Time to time, you can apply the varnish on the colours to make the idol look like a new.

Marble God Idols Available

There are lots of sculptors that sculpt all the God Idols that are for your temple. The marble statues of gods that are commonly available are Ganesha, Radha Krishna, Krishna, Durga, Sai Baba, and Hanuman and many more.

Marble Sculpture

When you consider buying a marble Sculpture, it is the quality and how good the sculpture looks that need to be looked at carefully. It is also important that you compare the quality of the artwork to the value to ensure that you get the best value for money.

Suppliers should be able to offer you sculptures of Marble God Idols that have been made from reputable manufacturers to ensure that the fine art remains for the life of the Statue. Marble God Idols are pieces that you would like to keep in your temple and be a showcase to show your devotion to your religion.

The art and design vary from one manufacturing house to the next and it all depends on the quality of the sculptors that they employ. Make sure that the style and sculpture are to your taste and one that you would be proud to show your friends when they visit and when you worship the gods.


Marble God Idols are commonly available and because of this, there are some that do not have the quality and finish to ensure that they will stay in that condition for a long time. The colors could fade over time and that is a situation you would not like. The marble sculpting companies do not all have the modern machinery available to produce top quality Marble God Idols.

Therefore when you buy a Marble God Statue look for the fine details which the top sculptors will have. That way you know that you are buying a quality Marble God Idol that will grace your home.

Some our collection on Hindu God Idols are as given below,

Marble Kali Maa

Marble Durga Maa

Marble Laxmiji Statue

Marble Saraswati Statue

Marble Ambe Maa

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