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“It is said that every piece of marble has a statue inside it and the sculptor is the one who discovers it”.

Not every stone is silent! Marble is one such stone which speaks your elegant tastes. Marble as a stone has always been an important part of interiors and exteriors when it comes to architecture. Since time immemorial this stone has been used as an embellishment for homes, offices and magnificent edifices. From floors to center pieces, marble occupies an important place both in the minds and hearts of people across the world, the reason being simple and its state of beauty.

Wondrous artifacts that steal attention:

Marble statues are beauty enhancers for any interior and when these are human statues, they are sure to harness grasps and accolades’ both. Marble human statues add aesthetics to your homes. The beauty of these marble sculptures undeniably sparks positivity into your interiors. During ancient time, the stone sculpture was made from sandstone, gypsum, alabaster, jade, clay etc. Only after the Greek Archaic sculpture was introduced marble came into existence for sculpture. 

In ancient time most statues were made from Metal but due to the harshness of weather and time duration they were melted or lost. That’s why history is full of Marble sculpture. Many renowned marble statuary and friezes can be seen in the number of the world’s best Art Museums, sculpture gardens and other well-known places. 

Marble is a metamorphic rock which is extracted from Limestone. The supreme quality marble has no or few stains; natural stains can be assimilated into the work itself. 

Marble Sculpture

A statue is a sculpture in which a realistic full-length figure of a person, animals or non-representational forms are carved with wood, metal, and stone. Marble Sculpture is given a splendid status in the world of art. Most of the places in India are famous because of its opulent sculpture work.

Marble carving is one of the ancient art forms of creating three-dimensional statues. Art of carving statues started much before the art of painting. In India, most of the temples mostly, in north and south have carvings on their walls, doors, and ceilings. In India, God’s idol is symbolized as almighty. We offer prayers and have divine faith. It creates an invisible connection between god and devotee.

Human Marble Sculpture

The art of marble sculpture is unique. The difference between painting and sculpture is the same as virtuality and reality. The sculpture has been put forth in many cultures from prehistory to the present time. The oldest statue is approximately 30,000 years old.

These statues are mostly placed in public places, art gallery, famous tourist places, garden, on roads in memory of famous well-known people. Many archaeologists associate white Marble sculpture with Greek classical art. A sculptor use rasps files and sharp rubbing stones to craft these unique masterpieces. 

Types of human sculpture: 

1. Marble Bust:

Marble bust is a unique art and is a replica of the real human faces. These are crafted by using high-grade marbles and modern tools.

2. Marble sitting statue:

A statue from head to toe but in sitting position is termed as marble sitting statue. They are mainly crafted in memory of any saints or god idol. 

3. Standing statue:

Marble standing statue is basically a statue from head to toe in standing position example of these statues is a politician or any respected person. Available in a variety of designs in order to bring a splendid impression to the interior and exterior decoration.

4. Custom Made Human Statues:

Statue of any man or any saint as per client’s requirement is designed in various sizes. These are crafted and designed from high-quality marble and basic material and is widely cherished for its aesthetic appeal and excellent finishing.  These durable and lively statues are available in multiple designs and finishes.

5. Life Size Human Statues:

Life Size Human Statues are designed as a replica of any person and it is just impossible to find the difference between living person and statue. These statues are gracefully designed by our creative designers by using modern and trendy tools and techniques. 

6. Human Statues for Indoors and outdoors:

The indoor and outdoor statues are specially designed for schools roads or indoor premises. Each and every human statue is engraved carefully. Spotless finish, smooth polish and intricate designing have made our sculpture worthy of being displayed in any living rooms, hotels or other places to embellish the interior decoration.

Serving you from past two decades we are the leading Manufacturer and supplier of the human marble sculpture. We have always tried our best to give shape to your thoughts by sculpting the sculpture according to your requirement.

We always try our best to give shape to your thoughts by sculpting the sculpture you are looking for. We are also the leading Exporters of the best marble statues to different countries. We at GMB – Idols and Temples, use the best quality of marble and have excellent sculptor for your assistance, that make sure that you get the best sculpture as per your demand by taking care of each n every minute details.

Each specimen of our fancy marble statues is an alive paradigm of untarnished finishing. Significantly, carved marble statue is the best example of excellent virtuosity. Our specialization is the quality we provide to our valued customer. Strict quality control procedure is followed by us right from selecting raw material to production and finally at the time of dispatch of a finished product to our local and abroad client we make sure that you receive it with utmost care.

We at GMB – Idols and Temples, are experts in sculpting high-quality marble human sculpture and are human statue manufacturer from last 2 decades. We serve you with a gigantic range of idols and statue. We also cater you with garden statues that aggrandize the beauty of your garden. You can grab an exclusive range of marble decorative, natural marble statues, designer marble statues, antique marble statues and all kind of religious marble statues at the single window and at the most reliable prices.  

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