Buy ISKCON Altars and Deities

Buy ISKCON Altars and Deities


In the religion of Hinduism, people worship numerous deities and one important deity is Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is known among the believers as the god of love and hence the number of believers is extremely large. In the year 1966, a Hindu religious organisation was inaugurated in New York. The organisation was called ISKON which expands into THE International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The aim of the organisation is simply to dedicate all their thoughts and actions so that they please the supreme Lord Krishna. One key function of the ISKCON is establishing ISKCON temples across the county as well as the globe. Ever since its establishment, the ISKON has expanded so rapidly. In India alone there are about 90 ISKON temples and more are under construction. These temples are build according to the vaishnava tradition of India.

ISKCON also has a specific set of principles for setting up an altar for the lord. In fact these altars are known as ISKCON altars. There are certain specialities to an ISKCON altar when compared to an ordinary altar. There are numerous manufacturers who make and sell ISKCON altars to the devotees. People set up altars in their homes and this enables them to worship their lord at home. Newly built ISKCON temples also purchase ISKCON altars.

Any common devotee can easily set up an altar and maintain it in his or her home without much difficulty. Purchasing an ISKCON altar from an online store is the first step. The craftsmanship and the beauty of the altar must be checked before buying. In fact the altar is something that is divine and hence extra care must be taken to ensure that it something that looks divine as well.

The next thing to make sure is that the altar is cleaned thoroughly before installation. Also it must be cleaned every day without fail. The belief is that god resides inside the altar. The place where lord sits should be kept clean all the time or else it is a form of disrespect.

After the installation, the idol of lord Krishna must be placed in the centre of the altar. This idol or deity of Krishna must be at a higher position when compared to the other deities placed in the altar. This is done as a symbol of the fact that no one if above God in any manner, no matter how divine he is.

Place Srila Prabhupada on the left and the Panca-Tattva on the right. Also on the lower level, images of your spiritual gurus and the 6 goswamis can be placed as a token of respect for showing the righteous path.

Various other things like water cup, special plates (usually silver plates are preferred), a small bell etc. can also be placed in the altar. These are things that will come into use while praying to the lord.

It is also not wrong to use various different kinds of decorated forms of the Lord instead of the photo.

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