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We at GMB Sculptures are pleased to offer you a wide range of Wooden Idols of Ganesha, Wooden Statue of Ganesh, Wooden Murti of Ganesh for your home, foyer, entrance, passage or factory.

Our collection of Wooden Ganesha is hand carved from mango wood and beautifully hand polished to rich look.

We supply and export the wooden idols of Ganesh all over the world namely, USA, UK, Australia, Sinagpore, Malaysia to name a few countries. 

Ganapati or Ganesha is the god of wisdom, who is also called Vighnesvara. The statue of Ganesha is always shown with a plump human body topped by the head of an elephant. Ganesha Statue is a symbol charged with many rich meanings. For example, his huge belly, containing the world, is surmounted by his elephant head, signifying the world beyond, the metaphysical reality.

We believe in making your purchase experience as smooth as butter, so we have multiple payment options like Master Card, Visa, PayPal, etc. that assure safety in your transactions. You are also benefitted with free shipping and quickest possible delivery. You can also avail discounts & offers on wide range of Wood Ganesh Statue, Wooden Ganesh Murti, Murti of Lord Ganesh from Wood, Wood Ganapathi StatueMurti of Gajanand from wood and so on.

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