What are Duties and Taxes that I am required to pay ?

What are Duties and Taxes?

When buying goods from outside your country, you may have to pay duties and taxes to the Customs in order to have your goods released into the country. The vast majority of shipments are subject to Duty and VAT and these are the two main costs that you should understand before importing from overseas.

Import Duty

The amount of Duty that you are required to pay is dependent on the declared value of the goods and the type of product that you’re importing.  Each product is given a different duty rating/percentage.  To find out the percentage you’ll have to pay on your product, you can either ask us and we’ll try to find the most appropriate heading for your goods or you can use the online tariff at on the Custom Website of your country.

VAT on an import

If you buy goods from India, you won’t pay VAT to us, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay it at all.  The taxable import on which VAT is payable is the amount that you pay for your goods, plus the shipping cost, plus the Duty.  You are effectively paying VAT on everything that it costs for you to buy the goods and get them into circulation in your country.

There are many instances that our buyers are not required to pay any Import duty and VAT on the import. Many countries offer duty free import of religious idols and temples.

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