Marble Krishna Statue

Marble Krishna Statue

Marble Krishna Statue

Krishna is the personification of love but keeping the idol of Krishna at your home is not like any of the other idols. Krishna had the ability to attract anyone who came near him and it is suggested that you need to keep other statues in the temple at home.

  • The flute is one of the statues that is advised that you keep with the idol of Krishna. The reason is that he was very good at playing the flute and whenever he played all the gopis would come close to him and dance. It is thought that a flute can bring people together so it is a good idea to keep one in your home.
  • Have a statue of a cow in your temple. The cow is the incarnation of all the 33 core gods in Hinduism and Krishna loved all the dairy products such as milk, cheese, and cream. So a person should keep a statue of a cow in the home temple.
  • There are other statues that also makes a difference like if you have a Radha Rani then you need to follow some other instructions to make sure that your look after the Krishna Idol. You should never offer Tulsi directly to the Radha Rani. What you can do is place some leaves in her hand so that she can offer it to Krishna. It is taboo to feed the leaves directly to Radhi Rani.
  • Having a Radhi Rani home you need to be sure that that you keep a clean way of living not only physically but also spiritually. That cleans you both on the inside and the outside so that you can welcome both Krishna and Radha.

Krishna Deity also is known as Laddu Gopal.

  • It is believed that if you keep a deity of Krishna as a child that it shows that you are also aching to have a child. It needs to be bathed and fed on a daily basis. So if you do have the time to have a Laddu Gopal get one for your home.
  • It is essential that he is bathed at least once in every two days and his clothes should be changed as well. You need to treat Laddu Gopal as you would treat your own child. he also loves his food so you need to feed him daily just like you would as if he was your own.
  • The time to bath your deity is after you have had a bath first. The same goes for Krishna.
  • When you select a deity or a statue of Krishna try not to choose metal because then you will need to polish him daily. But if you do have an all metal statue then the ingredients that you should use to clean the statue is a mixture of water, lemon juice and mango powder known as amchur. Avoid rubbing hard on the painted areas because it could come off.
  • When you pray to Lord Krishna you must remember to ask for forgiveness after you have said your prayers. This could be for anything that you believe that you might have done wrong.

Enjoy your Krishna statue and enjoy worshiping him.

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